Zero To Landfill Scheme

Launching in 2019 is our Zero To Landfill scheme, put in place to help cutting down production of landfill waste. In the UK, plastic toothbrushes, bristles and empty tubes cannot be disposed in regular recycling, and there are currently no councils offering recycling service for oral care products. This scheme allows you to send back any Georganics products and components that cannot be composted or recycled at home, like used sonic and wooden toothbrush heads as well as sonic toothbrush handles. Our Zero To Landfill scheme is completely free of charge.



  • Send at least 10 Heads or 1 Sonic Handle
  • Put all the items in large letter
  • On the front simply write FREE-POST GEORGANICS
  • Bring the letter to your nearest Post Office branch
  • All items will be recycled via our partner Terracycle
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